Is there such a thing as a tidy garage?

The answer to this is a resounding yes. You can have a tidy garage and here’s how.

A few weeks ago I was asked to declutter a garage. I did not know what to think but I was thinking that it was maybe a lot of nails, some bikes, some tools etc. What I did not know was that the garage would be full of builders tools and cement, and paint and tiles and all manner of building materials. There was a skip that needed filling but trying to identify what needed to go and what could be chucked was tricky, especially when you are not in the building trade and don’t know one end of a plumber’s toolkit from another!

However on the second visit, despite the adds stacked against us, I could see a plan forming in front of my eyes. We truly had to take this in bite sized pieces area by area. I suggested we start from the left and work our way around. That is exactly what we did, putting nails with nails, tools with tools, paint with paint, cable with cable etc. It was a long and messy job, but we got there.

Even though the garage is still full, there is room to move and creating more order means that my client feels happier and more relaxed about his garage, which was getting on top of him.

The before and afters are my pride and joy, I hope you agree.

with Love


A tidy garage