Throughout my entire life, I have looked to others for support.  Be it an inspirational boss in my early twenties, or in my later years, to on-line mentors like Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle & Louise Hay to Astrologers like Pam Gregory and spiritual mentors like Donna Maxine White based here in Christchurch.  I have heeded their advice and guidance and when feeling more ‘piglet’ than ‘Christopher Robin’ these mentors have carefully put me back on track.

The other day I was talking to a client and said I was going to tackle this year ‘military style’. She asked what I meant by it.

Of course, it was simply a turn of phrase, but it made me think, what did I mean by that term?

In truth, I am inspired by people who have been in the military. In most cases they are organised and ‘on it’.  My PT James Knight, whose Zoom classes every day, keeps me on track; he constantly inspires me. I want to lose weight, get fitter, and achieve some new goals including more hiking and cold-water swimming.

The thing is, we all need a way to get through life and for me, I am drawn to discipline and focus, something I often lack in my own life. By using the term ‘military’ it makes me feel that I can achieve anything, boot camp style. When you get into your late 50’s, high energy strong characters, inspire me.

Some of us prefer a spiritual mentor, an astrologer, or psychic or similar who we are drawn to.  For me, I like to combine the two, both the strength of focus and discipline, combined with the gentleness that comes with spirituality.

Whoever you turn to, always remember, you are never alone and there is no shame in seeking help from someone other than friends and family.

With Love