Sandra’s Wardrobe Declutter

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Sandra struggled with too many clothes many of which were unworn. I decluttered her four wardrobes and rearranged everything in order of day/work wear, summer clothes and going out wear.

I was also able to sell some of her clothes which meant my client had to pay me very little for this decluttering service – how good is that!

The result? A happy client who has been left with a wardrobe she could only dream of with lots of space to find things.

If you need help with decluttering and reorganising your wardrobe get in touch to have a chat about how I can help

“Having got to the stage where I could fit nothing more in any of my wardrobes, but not knowing where or how to get straight, in desperation I searched online and found Beth’s website. I left her a message and she quickly responded and came round to chat and, while I had lots of clutter in every cupboard, it was the wardrobes which needed to take priority.

In just two sessions she helped me sort out five bin bags of clothes which she took away to either sell, give to charity, or ditch. She then rearranged my wardrobes so that I could easily find any item of clothing. Not only that, but the sale of the discarded clothes went a long way to covering Beth’s fee. Since then I have been inspired to start tackling some of the other clutter, but would never have been able to do so if Beth hadn’t shown me the way.

I have no hesitation in recommending Beth to anyone in a similar position of feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. I wish I’d contacted her a long time ago!”

Sandra – Westbourne, Bournemouth