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What happens to the clutter?

Some people ask me what happens to all the stuff I declutter. Does it all get chucked in the bin, put in a skip or taken to the tip? Does it add to the landfill problem we are facing here in the UK? Does it go to waste?


The basic answer is no…90% of what I take away from a client’s home is recycled in some way, so that it can be reused or even used to help others.


Charity Shops


Charity Shops are always in need of new stock to sell to raise funds for good causes. As well as clothing, charity shops will also accept CDs, DVDs, crockery and glassware, curtains and bedding, toys, books and much, much more. I drop bags of donations off at a range of local charity shops, or I can donate to a particular one that supports a charity which is close to my client’s heart.


Trash Nothing


I use to find websites to give away good quality items for free. We list the item and a buyer who is looking for it arranges to pick it up. There are often multiple people interested in good quality free items, so we can choose a buyer that can collect at a day and time that suits.




Some charities allow you to donate items that can be given directly to those in need. For example, good quality furniture that can be donated to people on low incomes who are trying to set up a home. Children’s clothes and toys to families who are struggling. Unopened toiletries and hygiene products. All of these items and more can go directly to those in need who can start making use of them right away.




Unfortunately, some of what we clear is not suitable for use by other people, giving away or selling and we do have to take it to the tip. However even here the items can still have a future. The tips in BCP separate items by type so they can be recycled where possible. For example, small household goods, wood, plastic, green waste etc


If you are worried about what will happen to your clutter, just drop me a message and we can have a chat about it.