What’s in your loft?

Years ago, I got my dad to poke around the loft.  I had watched Antiques Roadshow and was “Dad, you are bound to have something valuable in the loft.” Turned out, I was right. He had a Hornby Model train set, complete with boxes!  It was worth over £500!  He was delighted and it made me think…..how many people have stuff in the attic, long forgotten about.


A day in the attic, does mean strategic planning. A head for heights, some strong arms for lifting the heavy stuff, cool and comfortable clothing for ease of movement and lots of tea/water and refreshment breaks.


If you truly find some treasures and don’t have the time, go through a reputable Auctioneers who can help you transition towards a clearer space.  My favourite is Hugo @Busbys – 07971 069651. Not only is he charming but he can do a complete house contents removal as he has both fine art and general sales.


As the saying goes “there is cash in the attic.”