Where on earth do, I start?

Where do you start your decluttering journey? Most of my clients say they don’t know how to start. I always say start on the area that causes you the most pain. Not quite the one that keeps you up at night, but you get the picture. My favourite is the bedroom. We spend a bit of time there – in fact, a lot of time and I always find getting into bed almost therapeutic in itself.


My tips are as follows –


Remove any electrical gadgets – they are bad for your health

Put any dirty laundry into the laundry basket or bag (I know that sounds obvious but)….

Put any clothing away into the cupboards or drawers

Make sure you have everything in the same place – ie underwear with underwear, dresses with dresses etc

If there is anything that does not belong in the bedroom then put it into the room where it should go.  I still find some random things in my bedroom from time to time so even I have to keep myself in check.