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Coping with ADHD

I was diagnosed with mild ADHD in March of 2020. It came as a relief as frankly speaking, I had always thought I wasn’t entirely normal! Ha ha.

In truth, my ADHD had been well suppressed until my 40’s. However, throw into the mix my menopause and I had a challenge of a lifetime on my hands.

One thing about the diagnosis confused me. if I had ADHD how come I could be super neat and tidy and organised and yet, in the same breath, could be incredibly dipsy? Surely that didn’t add up? As someone who ran a business with my ex in London I was known to be super efficient and yet could still leave a bag of groceries in the supermarket, frantically, having to drive back to the store to pick up my goods!

In reality, I now know, that what I have are coping mechanisms.

As I have mastered those mechanisms, I now find that I feel completely calm and although I still lose the odd coat, apple headphones, adaptors and scarves, my life has become a tranquil sea in which I swim.

So here are my top tips to living and thriving with ADHD

  1. Slow down – there is no need to hurry
  2. Practice mindfulness & Meditation
  3. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day
  4. Avoid sugar like it’s the devil’s food (it is in fact the devil’s food) with no nutritional benefit and the ability to make one bounce off the walls like tigger!
  5. Avoid or cut down on alcohol
  6. No to bed at a reasonable time
  7. Take hot baths
  8. Learn to sit in silence (light candles to bring a sense of tranquility to your space)
  9. Listen to calming music (like Reiki inspired tracks)
  10. Accept who you are and stop beating yourself up
  11. Think before you act and before you speak. Is it kind, is it truthful, does it help.
  12. Read more books and watch less TV

My experiences with ADHD and my mechanisms to cope with this personality type, have made me the ideal candidate to help others as I know how the thought processes work and I have devised some simple ways to keep me on track.

I am therefore, bearing my soul, as I am happy to help others, as I have learned to help myself.


With love

Tracey B